Production facilities

IEK GROUP strategic manufacture complexes placed in Russia.

IEK GROUP has its own manufactures in Tula and Novosibirsk, the first industrial plant became member of IEK family in 2002 after deep reconstruction and modernization.

The wide range of metal and plastic trays and boxes and power connector are being produced at those factories nowadays.

The full cycle production of LEDEL® project lighting equipment placed in Kazan.

Production capacity of Russian manufactures (per year).

  • 195 million meters of plastic cable-carrying systems (cable channels, PVC pipes, HDPE corrugated pipes).
  • 21 million meters of metal trays.
  • 60 million injection molding production (including 3.3 million of plastic cases).
  • 11 thousand cable connectors.
R&D center works on the wider range of products to modify and develop those in the way they suit conditions and needs of various markets.

The quality of the products is promoted by innovating technologies, high-quality materials and efficient management system.

The quality of raw materials and products is controlled by own test-control laboratories on every stage of production.

IEK Group is constantly investing in R&D and its facilities.